age verification

Under current U.S. legislation, vaping products can only be purchased and shipped to people over the age of 21. From October 2017 we must verify the age of any new customer. This information is reflected on our terms and conditions page.

How do you verify my age?

We use an industry-accepted third-party system to verify your age. The system runs several independent checks to verify that you are 21 or older, including credit history, U.S. electoral roll and U.S. birth registration checks. We do as few checks as possible; the only time we check multiple records is if we can't verify your age using any previous checks.

If you sign up for a credit reporting service (such as Equifax, Experian, etc.), you may receive notification that a check has been done against your credit history. This is called a "soft check" and has no effect on your credit score.

We require the billing address and shipping address to use the same name; if the names do not match, you will not be able to proceed to checkout.

What information do you use?

We verify your age using the full name, current address and date of birth you provided when creating your account. The billing address you provide will be used as your current home address. We ask that you ensure that the billing address on your account reflects the address where you currently live.

What if you can't verify my age?

If we are unable to verify that you are over 21 at the time of enrolment, you will be asked to provide further information; your driver's license number or the last line of code at the bottom of your passport. If you still cannot be verified, you will be asked to send us a photo of your ID to be manually verified by a team member. We do not store a copy of the ID sent to us, but it may remain on our systems for up to 48 hours.