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Pre-sale Q & A

Infinity won the German Red Dot Award in 2020; 380 mAh battery capacity; compatible with Infinity unlimited charging box; Super Smooth smooth technology; ingenuity to create a perfect feel; ; No vibration function; Infinity wireless charging box cannot be adapted; 350 mAh battery capacity; Essential entry device.

The first generation (Classic) has no vibration function; no wireless charging technology; Micro USB charging; only compatible with the first generation (Classic) pods.

The fourth generation (Infinity) has a vibration reminder function; better design; Super Smooth smooth technology; exclusive flavor of the pod; only suitable for the fourth generation (Infinity Pod) pod.

The advantage of the ceramic core is that each mouthful is extremely smooth and does not irritate the throat (Super Smooth technology); every mouthful has zero oil leakage, and the smooth taste and perfect amount of smoke make you enjoy every mouthful.

Cotton core pods use cotton core technology (cotton absorbs e-liquid and heats), which has the advantage of being able to bring denser smoke volume, richer layered taste, and a more 'restored' original taste in terms of impact (more in fruit flavors and limited flavors). The new technology reduces the possibility of oil leakage, and the beauty of "cotton wick" is produced by small mouth and slow pumping!

A RELX first-generation (Classic) pod is tested according to the different usage conditions of each person. The test result is between 600-650 puffs (2ML e-liquid per pod), and each pod is equal to the amount of 2-3 packs of cigarettes; The actual battery life is affected by the user's smoking habits. A RELX fourth-generation (Infinity) pod is between 550-600 puffs according to the different usage conditions of each person (each pod is 1.9ML e-liquid), and each pod is equal to the amount of 2-3 packs of cigarettes; The actual battery life of the pod is affected by the user's usage habits.

RELX 1 (Classic) and 4 (Infinity) pods can be used all the time without artificial damage or uncontrollable factors. It needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. .

(Note* All series of tobacco rods are not suitable for fast charging, and it is not recommended for customers to use or overcharge while charging. If the battery of the device is damaged due to the above reasons, it is man-made damage, and products caused by man-made damage are not within the scope of after-sales )

RELX first generation (Classic) and RELX fourth generation (Infinity) pods are not universal!